Who Is Mary Mikhael?

Truth seeker.  Wisdom keeper. Rites of
Passage Pioneer.

Mary is a guide…


She inspires people’s transformation and growth in area’s of life that require us to continually expand our emotional intelligence, conscious awareness, and capacity to passionately commit to ourselves fully, shamelessly and unconditionally with clarity, vision and soul.

She is devoted to the arts of ancient temple practice, initiation and reconnecting people with the aspects of themselves that have been lost, suppressed, denied or shamed.

She has the ability to see right through you while offering you ‘truth keys’ to let go of ‘suffering and scarcity’ and tap into your quantum queendom/kingdom/leadership and freedom frequency.

Her work as an internationally acclaimed soul alchemist, medicine woman, relationship and intimacy coach, revolutionary mystic and heart centred leader has garnered her a solid following here in Australia and around the world.

One of Mary’s biggest gifts is the ability to help both men and women access their shadow selves and journey into the dark; overcoming fears, self-doubt and illusionary belief systems and programs that keep us stuck in self-doubt and sabotage.

Mary is especially skilled at being able to locate ancestral and generational pain turning ‘wounding into wisdom’.

She leads her clients into a more empowered reality where each individual is asked to drop their masks, remove their emotional armour and make the conscious choice to live according to their desires and embody a life aligned to authenticity, power, love and purpose.

Especially praised for her trailblazing leadership work with women, Mary guides the feminine through the sacred exploration of divine mystery and sensuality processes.

A revered priestess, she has developed her own methodology, reintroducing the ancient teachings of the Rose Lineage to the world through devotion, ritual and embodiment.

Practising as a soul-spirit visionary and teacher for the last eleven years, Mary has
established herself as a highly sought-after self-love, intimacy and relationship mentor.

She is also the visionary and co-founder of One Love Humanity and Twin Flame Enterprises; two organisations dedicated to the evolution of planetary love and sustainable humanity.

Her most recent venture; Mystic Rosa Alchemica features a curated collection of powerful medicinal products and services for the enchanted soul.

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Mary was born and raised in a culture steeped in mysticism and, as a child, witnessed many holy miracles and visitations from spirit. From a young age, she had strong memories of past lives and sensed the presence of God inside her; a pure love and awareness.

Now, with regular engagements speaking publicly at festivals, exhibitions, web platforms and podcasts, Mary continues to leave a profound impact on
those who witness her transmissions and wisdom.

Wildly passionate about acting as a catalyst for collective change, Mary advocates for
personal, spiritual and societal area’s that require us to be fiercely yet gracefully rebellious.

She is a passionate humanitarian with a mission to help others cultivate deep, intimate, heart-centred and soulful relationships with self, life and the world (nature).

She is committed to helping others learn to navigate the human experience in conscious relating, business, wealth, health, intimacy, sexuality, purpose, and spirit.

The framework she is building aims to nurture conscious community and alter the heart of humanity as we know it.

One Love humanity

We are at a sacred time in our evolution; a time of birthing a higher state of consciousness for ourselves & our beautiful planet.

Mary and Jonathan founded One Love Humanity in 2017. It is an organization that is creating a movement in conscious awakening; for ourselves, our relationships and our communities.

To birth sacred relationship with ourselves as Divinity, the joining with our partners in sacred relationships, to create a new reality of Oneness & Divine Love in ourselves & all things.

This is for all people who hear the calling of their souls to journey home. To journey from separation to Oneness. To become the drop in the ocean, & the ocean in a drop.

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