Soul Readings

I invoke you and you know you have been summoned, by the Goddess of truth.

When I move swiftly by your side my energies cultivate in you a power so profound that you cannot hide….because I am you in the mirror of truth.

I hold both light and dark and I see through both with eyes of purity and magic.

Do not be afraid, I am you..


The true spiritual teacher empowers you to go beyond them....

Reclaim and discover the power hidden deep within you.

Through Soul Remembrance sessions and mind, heart, spirit balance.

Soul-based coaching empowers you to explore and discover you own healing, insights and direction. It seeks to bring you into a satisfying relationship with your everyday life, your past and with your true inner self- your soul. You experience this through expanding consciousness beyond ego and personality. This allows you to see and relate to your experiences in a more meaningful and accurate context. You will shift from a place of fear, pain, suffering and numbness to a place of clarity, truth and freedom.


Soul coaching works with clients at a soul and spirit level versus the personality, ego level that most coaching and traditional therapy is pitched at. If this is your time, and you feel ready at a soul level to awaken to a higher consciousness and a deeper awareness of who you are, this approach will support and guide you in your journey.


Our personal development programs are designed to be an adventure of self-discovery; you will gain a new perspective to your problems and see solutions you could not see before. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you improve your standard of living and uncover how to make better decisions by empowering yourself to achieve your own goals.  We are one of few services in Melbourne and the rest of the world that offer an integrative approach to holistic life coaching, helping you tackle challenges and create positive, long-lasting changes.


We offer a specialised personal coaching method that offer a lot more than just quick, short-term fixes. Our workshops are designed to assist you with confidence and self-esteem issues, as well as provide effective relationship coaching and counselling in person for people in

Melbourne or remotely for people world-wide.


Here you will be guided step-by-step to improve any aspect of your life by ensuring your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic bodies are all aligned; create a permanent transformation and enjoy the journey of personal growth through our personal coaching and development programs in Melbourne and world wide.

MARY (Angelique) MIKHAEL MYSTIC ~ What do i do in one on one sessions?

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