Letting In Your Own Greatest Lover

Are you ready to open up your heart and soul and allow the greatest lover of all time IN? Are you ready to receive her? Receive him? Are you ready to recognise him as he pierces his soul into your eyes? Are you ready to recognise her as she unveils her shadows and initiates her heart into the depth of your soul? Are you ready to reveal and be revealed by, through and into the sacred mysteries? Are you ready to sit on the throne by the ladies and the lords? Where you drink from the cask of both pain and pleasure and receive the spellbound medicine that calls you into the temple of Beloved. We will call the first gateway, the 'unveiling' ... so that you may recognise the lover you seek.

A lovers remembrance to calling of Beloved.

"I am ready yes, yes ... I am ready, I have searched long and hard" "Come with me", a voice whispers calling me to awaken from my slumber into the daylight of the morning star, I walk outside and feel the crisp wind brush against my skin, The moon's enchanted spell is being called to sleep now as the golden rays of the sun prepare for harvest ... my eyes are still half shut, yet a spark, almost a fire from within keeps them wide open. It feels like I am going to Meet someone I have searched my whole life for ... I am ready for this encounter. My body is nervous but it tingles with the anticipation; And so the voice continues, Feel the wind from within you, and Amidst the noise, rest for their is a place of silence ... close your eyes, listen ... just listen ... If you are quiet enough, All the voices connect .... co connect .. collapse and merge ... they move in and out of one another like two bodies making love, and then they are released to journey again in the nights sky alone yet accompanied by a hundred thousand stars. Can you hear all the voices? Yes, I whispered and tears rolled down my cheeks. Follow them, the voice continued ... I felt a discomfort and a restlessness in my body ... Feel the crisp wind carress your breath from inside ... Can you feel the wind? Yes I whisper .... Now, melt melt in the voices, dissolve into them, dance with each sound, meditate with each memory, sit, fall and rise up again ... give yourself to each sound, each wave, each experience ...

I can hear yelling, and screams, and judgements, the voices of my mother, the demands of my father, I hear all the voices reminding me of the past, all the lovers I have hurt, all the lovers who have abandoned me, the friends that I have lost in battle, the wounded child that just wanted to be seen, to feel safe, the first animal that was closer to me than my own breath as they died, I hear their sounds here, I hear pain, I hear cars, and trains, and aeroplanes in the sky ... I hear the suffering of the world, the sadness and isolation of the people. I hear the sounds of yesterday ... Who is this lover ... I don't want to meet them, and If I do - will they make all of this go away? Keep listening .... keep listening .... These are sounds of 'love beginning to blossom' my child - each rhythm through a divine initiation into a blessed awakening that has been long destined, a sacred contract kissed by fate and bonded by love's calling .... Shhhhhh, quieten your mind ... Prepare yourself for the lover .... Listen with your heart. Allow your body to receive these callings .. And as you receive them, now release each of them ... Set them free .... yes ... set all the voices free ... after all, they are just voices ... Right ... yes they are just voices. Until all sounds, all voices unite until a merge happens and they dissolve into the one voice the one sound ... a universal sound until they become music and you the dancer.

Train yourself to hear the music of pain my child, for pain is the blood of love which has carved the wounds of what will heal, and grow and become beautiful again. What will be, what has always been and what will be again.

And the voice continued to guide me, look at the earth between our toes, what grows from these seeds buried alone in the dark ... A rose, I said And I leaned over to pluck it from the earth, Ouch, the thorns cut deep into my fingers and I started to bleed. Is the rose any less magnificent because you bleed, or is it still a rose, belonging not to you, not to me, belonging to life itself.

Our desire is to hold something which cannot be held in our possession, and therefore we create pain. Because to hold something means we must 'take it' from where it was before we arrived .... Can you accept that we exist together. Just like the stars. just like the seeds. just like the waters, and the fires and the earth and the air - we are etha!!

What have you kept separate from you, because of the pain, the blood of love that runs through your veins is a part of the tapestry of God's plan.

I hear the mantra's, the worship, I hear the ocean waves, I hear the very first time I heard the words 'I love you', I hear prayers of devotion, and my erotic moans of pleasure as I merged with my lovers in ecstatic love ... I hear all the voices ... I hear my own voice now ... And as I quieten, they begin to connect into the same field. Yes, as I continue to breath in and out, I experience a strong essence washing over me ....

Often times my soul was a battlefield of sorrow, yet engraved in the seat of all her incarnations was the wild yet gentle voice of love, leading me to surrender fully to my joy, my bliss and my worship. What do you contain from within you? From within your own soul, for if you wish love only to fulfil you - you are asking for a half heart rather than a fullness that will envelop you. Have you ever dreamt to be received in your fullness, for whatever experience your body or your soul asks to journey toward? knowing that you are safe? held? guided? What lover are you? How do you express the lover that you are. How does your body move to experience the lover inside? How do you show the world the lover you are? Are you possessed and enslaved by the demands of love, the romanticised actions, the edge and stories that will keep you entrapped and possessed by the love you seek --- as you begin to reep what you sow. What walls and boundaries have you placed around your beautiful heart to keep love out, yet still looking for love everywhere apart from within. What if each breath you received, you were merging in divine union with the lover that you are, the one that holds pain, pleasure and does not shrink from one nor eagerly move towards another. Poem to be continued .......

I would love to teach you how to give yourself fully and unconditionally to yourself and others. Are you ready to experience the essence and ritual of true MAGICK? Join me, as I allow every cell of your being, your body to receive and be initiated into the 'LOVER' that yearns to be awakened within you. If you are ready to understand the meaning of 'love', how you embody this love, how you are this love, then join me and allow me to teach you about your true nature. It's time, to madly deeply passionately intimately tenderly intensely and absolutely be seen. To fall in love, rise in love. To carry love and be carried in love. Time to embrace ourselves, be honest with ourselves, show up and meet ourselves exactly where we are, without pretence or self preservation. Time to hold the sword of truth, from within every cell of our bodies, that we radiate a power to potent, anything in your presence transforms. Time for us to be kind, compassionate, giving. Time for our heart to come to life, Time for the heart of humanity to shift! Time for us to truly connect, co create and celebrate ourselves and each other ... Eternal Love, Mary Mikhael Angelique

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