Letting go...

Letting go of someone you love and miss is hard, but having them stay around sucking energy from you and pretending to be someone they aren't is even more challenging. Expecting them to love the way you love, give the way you give, be honest and truthful is also a set up. Meeting yourself exactly where you are is responsibility, meeting someone else exactly where they are is honour!! In life, we must walk the path of our own evolution, and with more awareness, compassion and understanding we choose who we share our sacred lives with. Our hearts, our homes, and our bodies. When we give love and time, we are co creating, merging with beloved. Anyone that can't see that can't see themselves as yet ... so the truth is, you may see God in them, Goddess, the past life lover, a good hearted person, the warrior you've fought back to back with a hundred thousand lifetimes, you may see the whole universe collapse inside of them in a fraction of a moment --- And that's truly beautiful ... hold that vision ... but understand, until they arrive at remembering who they are --- they can never live life from that truth. That's your truth. Not theirs. Yet. 'Letting go' of this is wisdom. And wisdom cannot be attained without love, it is simply masked fear otherwise playing blindly a game of chess. See the truth, without the need to change it, fix it, save it ... just observe it in love and release yourself in love from what binds you to the attachment it births. Set yourself free, set the other person free. Love yourself ... release what is no longer in alignment to your highest heart, and trust the plan of Divine 🌈🌹🌟 Call this part soul force, love force, God force and kiss it all to the wind. Surrender and choose you. Release the addictions, the negativity, the toxicity, the competition and the jealousy .. time for equality 🦋🦋🦋🌹🌈🌈🌈 Truth is you can't lose something you never had. Letting go may be very sad yet it may also bring in the balance and freedom required for this relationship to truely change ... if it's meant to. This post is not about me proclaiming that I am the bestest most out of this world friend, this post is about me finally recognising my worth, my contributions and co-creations, everything about me that allows for me to show up the way I do, be who I am and sit in my friendships feeling safe 'no matter what storms may come' ... Friendships that challenge the crap out of you, support you, hold you, check in on you and stand up with you when you've been kicked down or better yet, stand up with you when it's your time to RISE!!! These are the ones I call in. I'm ready to show up as a friend in this way. I recognise that the universe is aligning the most incredible, abundant, passionate, wild, sensual and authentic connections who hold this truth NOW!! As I do. I am ready to to call in and embody the very best friendship I can have within me 🤗 One where I can live in balance, Trust myself fully and show up for myself when I'm being called on my stuff Have incredible cosmic realisations and teleport them across Omni universes ... I am ready to vibe with my tribe Time to truly create a deep and meaningful connection with the friend I am to me. To the truly incredible family that have my back, and my forward, as I have yours!! Life wouldn't be the same without your faces and your hearts, you inspire and em

power me to face all my victories, my destinies and my calling ... to you I bow ⭐️🌟🌟 I am in ore of some of the men and women I travel with who embody all the perfection and imperfection --- I love you wildly, potently and with so much devotion. Thank you for walking beside me, You know exactly who you are Xox

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