Goddess Awaken workshops

Hi Beautiful Melbourne Goddesses.

I am running the very first GODDESS AWAKENS 1 DAY WORKSHOP in MELBOURNE on SUNDAY the 5th of MARCH.

It will be a day full of magic, mysticism, sensuality, divine sexuality, sacred dance, invocation, and connecting with your inner goddess with profound insights into awakening of your own divine feminine energy..

if you are interested in attending email us through www.spiritretreats.com.auwww.twinflame.com.au in our contacts page.

Or give Jacqui Powell a tingle on 0487 482 498 to book your spot

Sunday 5th March Parkdale, victoria 11am to 6pm (may run overtime) $220


The divine feminine is experiencing a re-emergence – a rebirth into collective consciousness.

From the beginning of time, women have been a curiosity and a mystery. The magic of women has inspired literature and mythology; whole temples have been built in reverence to women. Women have also been repressed, persecuted and removed from her place of honour out of fear that we hold a power that is not fully understood.

We now have opportunities to transform not only our own relationship to our hearts, our bodies and our connections but also our ancestoral blueprints that we continue to live out often unconsciously.

You will be journeying deep into the mysterious, infinite and at times dark temples of love, where no shadow can hide.

This workshop is about holding the space for women to embody their deep intuitive emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and mysterious selves through ancient ritual, dance, Mary’s profound teaching’s, transmutation, and inner journeying work which will connect each woman back into her centre, her womb, her lover.

This all day immersion will be an opportunity to initiate yourself and go deeper into the powerful woman that you know you are and are ready to fully own.

Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:

•You will be personally taught the sacred art of ‘worship and devotion’, how to celebrate yourselves, each other, the women in your life, the men in your lives. These practices are deep, ritualistic, soulful and intimate. •Goddess is co-creator with God, together they form the One, the creative essence of all of life. Together they create balance. •Embodiment of sexuality and intimacy, understanding passion, lust, love •Healing old wounds, releasing pain, letting go of karmic patterns and limiting programs •Let go of shame and guilt and own your desire to fully express yourself. •Learning the art of ‘flow and surrendour’. •Awakening sexual kundalini energy in the body. •Creating safe boundaries •Self Love, self Nurture and self honour


#goddessworkshop #spiritualjourney #meditation #yoga

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