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Hi Lovers,

How are you all?

It's only a couple of months in and already Twin Flame ~ One Love Humanity has had such an incredible, fulfilling start to 2017! Attending, running, creating, meeting many beautiful souls, travelling... from Festivals to workshops to promotional videos to launching on you tube to online live videos and continuing the creation of our Twin Flame oracles deck..

Wow! what a ride it has been so far..

with more still to come..

If you are interested in attending any of our Workshops or Retreats, or meeting us in person at MBS in Brisbane or Byron Spirit Festival...

Head to our website for more information on our up and coming Events and Tour Dates...

Email us through our contacts page and we will be in contact to book you in or answer any questions you may have ..

Looking forward to hearing from you..

One Love Humanity in partnership with Twin Flame Enterprises offers workshops and retreats Australia wide and in Bali for men and women who are called to discover their true authentic self, connect to their hearts and reclaim the infinite all encompassing nature of Divine Love.

You will be Personally taught and guided through amazing shifts and transformations directly with master teachers, Mary Mikhael & Jonathan David

We explore the power of polarities - divine masculine and divine feminine, whilst exploring the movement past polarity into oneness and pure comic embodiment of love.

We open up a safe safe for people to experience transformations, this may involve delving into shadow work, the ego/personality that creates separation from our true self and higher self, through exploring and recognising the illusion of separation, participants are able to heal dark and painful memories of their past, stored emotional and cellular experiences, grief, shame, addictions, energetic attachments and anything that limits the attendee moving them closer to soul/ consciousness, this creates a new journey leading to divine love, compassion, joy, peace.

We focus on expanding consciousness for each person on their individual life journey whilst also offering teachings and wisdom around conscious intimate relationships, soul mates, soul contracts and the sacred marriage, otherwise known as the Twin Flame. Our retreats range from weekend to week long immersions.

Activities range from, sacred meditation journeys, kundalini and yin-yang yoga, chanting, sacred dance, group exercises, breakthrough sessions, sacred wisdom, rituals and initiation, experiential learning, visits to sacred land and sites.

Do you feel the calling?

xoxo, Mary

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