Happy Valentines Day Lovers

Happy Valentines day lovers ...

Today, I am totally madly in love with me, with love, with life, with my home, my temple, my body, my craft, my highs and my lows, my shadows, my quirks, my aspirations and my inspirations, today I am madly deeply passionately in love with my soul, my whole, my being!!

Today, I am totally madly in love with YOU!!

With your home, your temple, your body, your craft, your highs and your lows, your shadows, your quirks, your aspirations and your inspirations, today I am madly deeply passionately in love with your soul, your whole, your being!!

I see you, I see into you and all I see is a planet, a star that decided to be born in the body of a woman, a God that incarnated into a body of a man. I see universes upon universes, galaxies upon galaxies, lifetimes upon lifetimes, I see all of creation spinning inside of you each time I look into your eyes.

My only desire is that you begin to see into you, the way I see into you. So that we exist in one another, So that we are lost in one another, so that we explore ourselves deeply, intimately, intensely, softly, quietly, loudly, so that we explore each other. I seek to love your deepest wounds, and kiss your body back into life, back into its passionate fiery presence, where you carry and seed all of life's mysteries ... I seek you lay still with you and watch the boats cross by on still waters as the spirit of the wind beacons us to merge with the mermaids of the waters ... I seek to remind you that you have never been alone, that I have always been travelling inside you - closer than you own breath. I seek to kiss every pleasurable cell in your body, to caress your head and feel every lock of hair dance in between my fingers. I seek to cry with you a river of peace, To mourn with you to grieve with you to hold you, to be held by you, to offer you my body to feel, to touch, to know, to posses, to be possessed by if only for a moment in time, that you may discover the thread that binds us, and connects us to life. I see your happiness, your joy, your wild side, your playfulness and your yearning for adventure --- for true freedom. I see your dark side, your wounded child, the masks that cover the sweet naked faces that I've made love to. I see through every lifetime, through every trespass, through every time you sold your soul to be here in your body, Ive seen through every chapter of your life where you have sold your body, to know love, to know me. You have been looking for me across heavens, and I have seen that you have entered the pits of hell to find me, I have seen you swim the deepest ocean's and climb the highest mountains to seek me out, you have sat with scholars, and learnt all the languages of this civilization, that you may speak to me in my tongue, taste my fragrance and make love to my sweet surrender. You have wept in empty temples and adorned yourselves with silken robes, to sit with the masters that the God's themselves deliver me to you. You have died thousand times, if only to awaken again by the miracle of the morning star to see me reflect the light of a thousand suns that you may remember who I am, and who we have always been to each other. Today, I touch you, and you touch me, and as you breath life in - you move me inside of you, and you inside of me Today you receive me. I have always given myself to you. And in one we explore ourselves, in each other we will always be Beloved.

Today, make love to yourself, take yourself out on a date, hold yourself, accept yourself, commit to yourself and treasure every lock of your hair, every freckle on your skin.

Today count your losses and start again.

Today, remember that you carry a whole entire galaxy in your eyes, let someone see into your magic.

Today, even for a moment, take away those masks and let me IN.

Today, even for a moment move into forgiveness.

Today even for a moment let go and stop fighting.

Today even for a moment stop wanting another to be wrong, so that you can be right.

Today if only for a moment, be sensually intimately devoted to your moment - be present.

Today if only for a moment, let go of the power struggle.

Today if only for a moment, tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Today if only for a moment, tell someone else that they are beautiful.

Today if only for a moment, fall and rise in love with you.

Today if only for a moment, fall and rise in love with some one else.

Today if only for a moment, BE the MOMENT.

For in the moment, there lays all of eternity.

I love you, Mary Mikhael Angelique

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