Twin Flame Sacred Marriage Workshop

The sacred marriage taster workshop delivered to 40 incredible men and women in Murwillumbah NSW was so incredibly powerful. Journeying through layers of mental, physical, emotional, sexual & spiritual gateways to bring into our bodies total power, connection, deepening and divination. An incredible initiation into the merge from within, from without. We literally blasted gateways open together as collective energy emerged by the light of the full moon to intensify our clearings and intentions to hold full love at all vibrations and through all awakening's ❤️💕💋

We watched couples walk in separately, and within hours merge into their own lover and hold and be held with their partners in love surrender. We witnessed people transition from false freedom and controlled or fearful mental constructs into true liberation and oneness. We experienced a few incredible warriors invoke all the elements and spaces in between to bring through a healing which would affect lineages and blood lines and begin to heal ancestral soul stars. We watched people smile, laugh, cry, and move into themselves feeling fully seen and safe. You are simply amazing!! Thank you for your essence and your gifts.

My man, JD who by no chance or stretch of the imagination is one of the strongest, bravest, softest, and rebellious conscious men I know!! You honestly ROCK my world, and after all these years, I am madly passionately intensely fiercely and absolutely in love with you, attracted to you, respect you immensely - for who you are, and who you are not, for how you show up for yourself and how you hold us!!! With you by my side sweetheart, I know that our force is a power to be reckoned with. I watch you 'without words' move in and out of people's lives - changing them forever by your presence and the magic you hold inside!! You are an absolute GOD to me!! That you for receiving that level of love, devotion & worship in the body of a man!! Thank you for receiving and returning and all you do in the face of Divine.

Thanks so much to my beautiful team of priestesses, who freaking serve in so many unbelievable ways to create ebb flow and total MagicK - words cannot suffice how much you mean to me, and how every little and intense act that we orchestrate together or apart is a manifestation of total love and devotion!! I see you and I am freaking so so lucky to walk beside such potently powerful and incredibly vulnerable loving deep sweet and serving souls like you!! We love you!! M&J

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