Touch Down Gold Coast in 1.5 weeks

Touch down Gold Coast in 1.5 weeks .... ✌

That feeling when you've decided that your life is going to be a combination of chasing the GoldCoast/NSW sun, sun kissed skin, healthier lifestyle, amazing friends and conscious connections from all walks of life, clients who rock your world with their insane courage and giants leaps of faith, A man that drives me crazy, deeply, madly in love every day, and and a soul tribe you have journeyed with a thousand times before.

After 30 years in Melbourne, I've decided to let go of the 'city chick lifestyle (keeping the red lippy of course 💄) and surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be whist I chase my dreams... Life is too short to wait! ✔️

For those of you who don't know - my man Jonathan Movitz and I are setting up 3 bases to call home in NSW, Melbourne & Bali. So you'll barely notice we're gone!!

We have invested soooooo much love, energy, training, tears, money and time into our lives, our relationship, and also our business which is continuing to develop and evolve before our very eyes - taking shape every day and teaching us so much about 'life, the galaxies, humanity and each other' in small yet profound ways every day.

We are changing our living arrangements and travelling to back and from state to state in order to 'follow the calling's of our destiny' and to spread the new movement 'divine relationships' and the reunion across our home lands before heading off shore.

We are also creating our ideal life, a life of love, balance, connection and magic.

Change is always a bit nervy but I/we are now ready to embrace the next chapter of our journey... To create a life that is extraordinary and to make every moment count.

Home is where the heart is baby :-)

I will be on the Gold Coast for 'Little Light' Festival from the 15th September till the 22nd September staying near Surface Paradise if you would like to book in a personal one on one appointment with me please PM me - I have a few slots left.

Otherwise I will be in Brisbane from Friday 23rd till Sunday 25th. I only have 1 spot left :-)

Love you rockers so much!! Thanks for your support and your friendship!! Love alwayMary Angelique Mikhaellll

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