Okay Light Houses...Empaths... Time for us to Step Up...

OKAY LIGHT HOUSES .... EMPATHS .... TIME FOR US TO STEP UP & MOVE TO FULFIL OUR DESTINY which is helping the earth know love on a deeper level. Which is teaching your soul how to FEEL and experience everything on a deep emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, intimate and whatever else in between level !!! Moving our consciousness from 3D to 5D :-) What an extraordinary journey beauties. That we are all connected and interconnected.

Instead of being a psychic sponge that absorbs everything... Ask yourself? What is my purpose? Every single thing on this planet has a purpose? Do you honestly think that your purpose or why you choose to incarnate in the body at this time???? Is to be a psychic sponge alone? and react to every little negative thing or positive thing? Wow, wouldn't that have us kind of 'robotic'? I totally get how exhausting and confusing that would be? GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD Master ... or change it :-)

An empath who moves from sensitivity to sensuality .... From victim to master; becomes powerful in their own body, in their own thoughts, in their own being. An empath that recognises their incredible gift of transmutation, healing, feeling, knowing, seeing and is able to respond to this is a full powerhouse. Don't get me wrong, I too am an empath - so i know how tough it can be, especially some of the denser energies .... but it's totally worth it.

Our job is to feel, to experience, to see, to accept, to transform, to transmute, to create, to recognise, to discern, to grow, to evolve!!

We still feel everything however they are no longer controlled or enslaved by what's happening around us.

Being enslaved by 'our gift' is not truely embracing our gift; but rather being stuck in a massive amount of illusion and ego that keeps us stuck in the story that we are sensitive powerless souls in a world that is TOO much for our energy!!! Honestly--/- step the fuk up and meet your March in the mirror. Oh yea, that's you. Put on your power suit, your smile and your ageless heart and feel deeply the compassion it requires to transform each and every cellular memory that shakes to reshape you truely are.

I have met some of the most incredible empaths who are such radiant beauties on our planet, who are here to serve, who are total mirrors to every aspect of their life. I have also met some nasty, manipulative people pleasers who have 100000 hidden shadows and an ego the size of an actual planet who hide behind their sensitivity and their potent power in deflection to the truth, because 'how they feel is always right'!!! And just as a head's up, the moment we make something 'good or bad - right or wrong' we fall in separation ---- we are immediately better, judgement occurs. and BANG!!!! Let's repeat the same cycle of lessons shall we, of suffering, of karma again and again and again ---- Oh whats the definition of insanity according to this day and age "repeating the same thing over and over again and getting the same result" Oh yeah, but I am right .... I know ... I am an empath!! FUK OFF YOU DON'T KNOW IT ALL, THAT'S WHY YOU ARE HERE WE ARE ALL GROWING WE ARE ALL ON THE PATH WE ARE ALL EVOLVING WE ARE ALL MOVING TOWARDS CONSCIOUSNESS TOWARDS CHANGE.

What if, what if the possibility of 'everything you felt, thought experienced and projected was YOURS, your shadows', your illusions, your fears, your reality, your opportunity to find freedom in every moment. Ti set your beautiful self free.

Man, it's all good - we are ALL on a journey - take your time, evolve at your own pace, begin by self love, and assess whether 'excuses and limitations' are really your style?

It is our mission as empaths to bring more love into the world, to transform negativity --- not simply absorb and constantly be at the effect of our world; there's no freedom in that.


Each being is simply on their journey ��� l Love you xo Mary

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