Love, devotion, worship, celebrate, trust and hold yourself!

Love, devote, worship, celebrate, trust and hold yourself!! First person that needs to accept YOU is YOU!! The first relationship you need to invest in fully, is the ONE within you - The person you will be called to commit to IS YOURSELF. We often get lost in the romanticised version of love and great love affairs that we demand 'commitment' from others, 'loyalty' from others, and impose our self righteous expectations on everyone else .... which would be understandable if this is WHO we truly are. The truth is; if you love yourself fully, you wouldn't demand anything from anyone - it will be freely given you - your vibration would match your world (outer world and inner world). Everyone else around you is sharing 'their passions, their reality, their love, their stories, their ego, how they feel, who they are. Begin to sit deeply in the moment. There's nothing to fix. Just watch, breath and accept the flow of 'life' the rhythm which is presented to you. Breath and begin to receive all of it, feel all of it, connect to all of it, intuit all of it, and then simply RELEASE IT. Everything moves through you, you can choose to 'cleanse, purify, transform' the experience or you can choose to 'buy in to it, give it meaning, play it out, dramatise it and process the heck out of it', you may also choose to 'watch and observe give it all freedom' and allow it safe passage. Whichever choice you make, however you 'show up' is your response, your creation, your universe speaking. Which Universe are you holding ... And if you were a God, WHAT GOD WOULD YOU BE? If you were a GODDESS, WHAT GODDESS WOULD YOU BE? What is keeping you from this? Once you become loyal to your innermost dreams, Once you walk the path of your own heart Once you have become the lover and the beloved Once you accept this level of intimacy This level of love, this level of deep union with your own precious soul will you truly find that 'what you seek will seek you'. Once you give love freely, express your feelings truthfully, hold the SWORD to the face of your fears, and close your eyes to keep your whole universe sacred as you sleep; Only then, will you recognise what you truly hold within your soul, your body works to treasure this keeping. You will allow consciousness into your body. You will ooozzzee health, well being, and balance. Only when you truly realise the sacred GIFT of you, Can you offer this jewel to another. Can you make love. Can you experience the wholeness, presence and beingness of another person. Only then can you love them fully, hold them fully, see them fully and release them fully. Because you have treasured your own heart, your own body, your own shadows, fears, limitation .... Because you have treasured your soul, your light, your life, your absolute authentic nature. Because you know how to be kind, and still and available. Because you know WHO YOU TRUELY ARE! And inside the soul of your awakening, YOU SEE into the EYES and into the heart of the master before you. In this moment you are empowered to choose your journey, who you travel with, who you sleep with, who you walk with. In love, joy and bliss always xox Mary

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